GreenKart: Making good business, green business.

The problem

  • ‘Choice paralysis’ and ‘buyer’s remorse’ have become increasingly pertinent in the e-commerce space
  • For every 100 shoppers who visit stores online, 70 of them will leave without purchasing on average
  • Consumers today are also increasingly factoring environmental and ethical considerations into their purchasing decisions. They want the products they buy to drive a positive impact in the world.


  • That’s where GreenKart comes in.
  • Through our Shopify plugin, GreenKart enables storeowners to donate 3% of their customer’s basket value to select charity partners at point of checkout. The customer is provided full visibility over how the donation will be used in practice.
  • Bigger baskets, a broader and more loyal customer base alongside greater customer engagement
  • We can take your Shopify store to the next level all while driving meaningful impact
  • We make good business green business and you can get started in the time it takes to order a coffee

Our Partners


Direct, tangible impact. Real charities driving real change.

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