About us

A better world. one basket at a time

We are building the future of E-Commerce.

 We enable consumers to buy the products they love, whilst supporting the causes that matter.

Our aim is to make good business, green business. We want our Shopify partners to be more profitable while we drive tangible impact to causes that matter around the world.

How it works?

When consumers shop with our storeowner partners, at checkout they will be presented with 2 charities to choose from (based on the storeowner’s preferences). When a consumer chooses to buy with GreenKart, 3% of the value of their basket is donated to one of two charity partners.

Great for consumers.

Consumers will select which charity they would like to donate the 3% to and the donation will be made on their behalf at ZERO COST. The storeowner funds this donation in full. Consumers will then have the opportunity to learn more about which project(s) their donation has contributed towards.

Great for storeowners.

GreenKart offers storeowners built-in, consumer driven ESG, resulting in a broader and more loyal customer base that returns to your store more often and spends more money on average

What makes us diferent?

An ‘easy win’ for storeowners

  • Adding the GreenKart plugin to your store results in a broader and more loyal customer base that returns to your store more often and spends more money on average.

Great consumer experience

  • We put consumer preferences at the forefront of our thinking.

  • When consumers buy with GreenKart they are invested in the process & engaged in the impact they are creating.

Tangible impact

  • No Greenwashing – A transparent donation process, with 100% of donations reaching the charity.

Shanil Modi

“Signing up to GreenKart is a great way for you to make a meaningful contribution towards environmental and social initiatives that your customers really care about”

Yemi Falana

“Buying online can feel cold and transactional. When you buy with GreenKart, your shop can plant a tree or change a life, what are you waiting for?”

Meet our Leadership Team

About GreenKart

GreenKart was started by Shanil and Yemi, who have worked together for the past decade after meeting while studying. They both have several years of experience in the green-tech, corporate strategy, and finance space.

They are now using their experience to create a service the world really needs.