Grow Customer Lifetime Value by Teaming up with your Customers to Create Meaningful Impact

Bring your mission to life by funding causes that also resonate with your customers’ values

Bring your mission to life by contributing to causes that align with your purpose and resonates with your customers

Achieve your Impact goals by contributing to world-changing projects with measurable outcomes

Lift AOV, Repeat Purchase and Conversion +10% by enabling customers to track their impact E2E

The Problem


of Gen-Z & Millennials ONLY want to buy from brands that truly care about people and the planet


of Gen-Z say that they do NOT trust Environmental, Social & Governance (ESG) claims made by major brands


of customers bought from the competitor of their go-to-brand in 2022 because they struggled to connect with the brand’s values, particularly around ethical consciousness

Our Solution

A Plug & Play Integration that helps you Generate Positive ROI
through Embedding Impact into your Customer Journey

+ 13%

Revenue per Visitor

+ 10%

Repeat Purchase

+ 8%


+ 8%


63% of customers that have donated via greenkart so far have said that they now feel more engaged in the brand’s mission and more incentivised to return 

We’ve Partnered with Mission-Driven Brands

We’ve Partnered with Carefully Curated Non-Profits

Our Strategic Partners

How it Works

01 Install & Configure 

Select which two charitable projects you’d like to donate to showcase to customers, in line with your mission & purpose

Choose the % of a customer’s cart value to be donated to any given project 

02 Launch

Customers shop with you and choose which project they’d like to support on their cart page, at no extra cost to them

03 Monitor

Monitor your hero KPIs all in one place

Have full transparency over your Finances so you know which projects have been selected & when Invoices are due

04 Impact

Leave the rest to us!

We’ll ensure the positive impact created is shared with you and each of your customers via our personalised email integration, to enhance brand engagement

We hate spam, and we respect your privacy!

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