impact that boosts
your bottom line


Greenkart serves two key purposes:

  1. Greenkart empowers brands and their customers to collaborate by enabling them to jointly select & donate to a charitable project they both care deeply about
  2. Greenkart commits to a promise that, for  every single penny odnated to any given project, progress can be tracked and the outcome can be showcased


In simple terms, Greenkart is a Shopify plug-in enabling both the brand and its customers to donate to a charitable project of their choice. Brands are able to select two charities from Greenkart’s charity directory that best suit their mission and vision. From those two charities, customers select their personal favourite at checkout and the brand will donate 3% of their basket value to this project at no additional cost to the customer. The progress of this project can then be tracked and once completed, greenkart shares evidence of the impact created!

The brand funds the 3% donation, not the customer. The customer only selects the cause the donation will support at point of checkout.

GreenKart only distributes donations to charity partners  after the returns period has passed for those items (which can be configured in line with the brand’s returns policy)

We vet charities against two key criteria:

  1. At least 80% of any donation is used for the intended cause
  2. Charities can be specific around how the donation will be used & be able to provide evidence of project outcomes

GreenKart charges storeowners an additional 0.99% of the basket value of each transaction

For any newly onboarded brand’s on our platform, we will waive our 0.99% fee until we have demonstrated that:

  • Your customers are spending more with you on average
  • Your customers are returning more frequently
  • Your customers are more engaged in your brand
  • You are growing your customer base!

Whilst our ambition is to make greenkart available for all brands globally in the near future, it is currently only available for brands that are powered by Shopify

At greenkart, we take customer experience very seriously. Any onboarded brand on our platform will have 24/7 access to greenkart management as well as the opportunity to liaise directly with our charity partners to understand which may be best suited to their mission