Consumer-driven ESG that boosts your bottom line.


GreenKart was formed because we believe that consumers in modern society are increasingly factoring environmental and ethical considerations into decision-making before purchasing products online with retailers. In fact, store owners that can demonstrate that they are making an environmental or ethical contribution to society are a significantly more attractive proposition for consumers. That’s where GreenKart comes in. GreenKart enables store owners to donate to select charity partners whilst providing full visibility to their consumers over how the donations will be used in practice.

GreenKart enables 3% of a customer’s basket value to be donated to one of two charity partners. When consumers shop with our storeowner partners, at checkout they will be presented with 2 charities to choose from (based on the storeowner’s preferences). Consumers will select which charity (and specific cause) they would like to donate the 3% to. The storeowner funds this donation, not the consumer. Consumers will then have the opportunity to learn more about which project(s) their donation has contributed towards

The storeowner funds the 3% donation, not the consumer. The consumer only selects the cause the donation will support at point of checkout.

GreenKart only distributes donations to charity partners and only charges storeowners the 0.99% GreenKart fee after the returns period has passed (i.e. only 60 days after date of purchase)

We conduct a detailed review of charities against our proprietary criteria before agreeing to partner. More details about our vetting process can be found Here

GreenKart charges storeowners an additional 0.99% of the basket value of each transaction

No, but if you are part of our core storeowner group (our first 10 storeowners):

  1. We will waive our GreenKart fee (0.99%) on your first 10 GreenKart transactions.
  2. We will promote your store weekly on our social media feeds, incorporating content that aligns with your requests.
  3. You will be invited to join our rewards scheme whereby if your store meets our donation targets, we will waive our 0.99% fee for additional transactions
  4. 24/7 customer care service, including regular 1-to-1 video calls with GreenKart management to discuss how we can make your experience better.
  5. Opportunities to meet representatives from our charity partners periodically.
  6. We will provide you with a newsletter outlining which projects have been supported to be distributed to your customers periodically
  7. We will give you priority consideration to feature as a named brand within future GK advertising.

Whilst our ambition is to roll GreenKart out for all storeowners, it is currently only available for storeowners that use the Shopify platform for their e-commerce stores.

GreenKart offers storeowners built-in, consumer driven ESG, resulting in a broader and more loyal customer base that returns to your store more often and spends more money on average. Through your dashboard, you can monitor and evaluate progress of these key metrics over time. For more detail, please find our detailed storeowner presentation Here