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The problem

  • With e-commerce becoming increasingly saturated, many brands struggle to find ways of consistently standing out from their competitors & retaining their target customers
    • More than 70% of customers bought from the competitor of their go-to brand in 2022 [Shopify, 2023] 
  • Customer attitudes are evolving and there is an increased focus on supporting purpose-driven brands that create meaningful impact
    • 85% of consumers had a more positive image of a brand when it supports a charity they care about. 66% said that they would choose a brand that supported a charity over one that didn’t [Cone Cause Evolution Study, 2010]
  • At the same time, many charities are underfunded and part of the cause for this is the growing population of donors who are reluctant to donate to charities that cannot be specific around how their donation will be used in practice


  • That’s where greenkart comes in
  • Greenkart empowers brands and their customers to collaborate by enabling them to jointly select and donate to a charitable project that they both care deeply about
  • For every penny donated to a given project, greenkart commits to a promise that the progress can be tracked and the outcome can be showcased
  • Bigger baskets, a broader & more loyal customer base alongside greater brand engagement
  • We can take your brand to the next level by providing a platform to drive meaningful impact sustainably
  • We help you showcase your mission & purpose to your customers

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